We offer comprehensive allergy and asthma care for adults and children. Our services include:

  • Clinical evaluation: History and physical examination to identify the likelihood that allergies are causing a patient's symptoms.

  • Skin testing: Allergy skin testing to discover the cause of selected patient symptoms. Skin test appointments are usually scheduled for one or two sessions (each lasting around one hour), depending upon symptoms. Our allergist will review the results and make treatment recommendations at the time of skin testing completion, including whether allergy injections are advised. Skin tests are available to evaluate:

    • Respiratory allergies such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma due to pollens, dusts, molds, and pet allergens
    • Food allergens
    • Stinging insect venom allergens
    • Certain suspected medications, such as local anesthetics and penicillin
  • Allergy injection immunotherapy: Allergy shots may be recommended. Our physician’s recommendations are reviewed with patients at the time of skin testing completion and are also sent in a written report. Allergy injections are available in our office six days a week without an appointment or, in some cases, in the office of a patient's primary care physician.

  • Pulmonary function testing: Spirometry (before and after the administration of bronchodilator medication) is used to help determine the cause and extent of a patient's breathing difficulties.

  • Challenge: Various food and medication challenges are available for selected patients.